Rady Children's Hospital Auxiliary

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Use of Funds

There are few words that have as devastating an effect on a parent as the word "cancer".  Our hearts ache for the children - and their families - who receive that life-changing diagnosis. Your gift ensures that every child who comes to Rady Children's Hospital - San Diego receives excellent medical care in our family-centered healing environment.


Your contribution to the Celebration of Champions® supports the following pediatric programs of Rady Children's Peckham Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders. These programs are 100% dependent on philanthropy:


Counseling Services: Your gift provides psychologists who evaluate and treat hematology/oncology children and families seeking assistance with their diagnosis. Treatment includes crisis intervention, supportive therapy and referral to appropriate mental health agencies. The psychologists  also perform neuro-psychological testing on children for early detection of complications due to chemotherapy and radiation treatments.


Parent Liaisons: This vital resource for parental coping has been made possible solely through Celebration of Champions'® funds. Parent Liaisons, who themselves have had children diagnosed and treated for cancer at Rady Children’s, provide peer support, expertise and guidance to parents of children currently in treatment.


Child Life Specialists: These professionally certified members of the care team are the ones who make our hospital into a children’s hospital. They help children learn about their cancer, and prepare them for tests, procedures and “owies” by teaching coping skills, and they also direct the following programs: New Patient Diagnosis Backpacks, filled with essential tools to begin patients’ cancer battles; SuperSibs, a program for patients’ siblings which help them cope with a brother or sister diagnosed with cancer; and the School Reintegration Program outreaching to patients’ schools to ease the transition back into the classroom.


Support Programs: Your donation ensures helpful coping programs such as Families Supporting Families, a monthly program for parents, patients and siblings which provide needed support and encouragement. The Kites of Hope Bereavement Program offers professional support and guidance for bereaved families after the loss of a child through monthly letters and counseling.


Special Use Funds: These funds help with the catastrophic costs of prolonged and financially devastating hospitalization and are available in hardship cases, to help with rent, groceries, utilities, meal tickets, parking passes, phone cards, and bus/cab vouchers for transport to and from treatment. Funds also are made available for special needs or requests of terminally ill children, or for funeral planning and related expenses. To create happier occasions, your donations provide entertainment events at holidays to lighten the burden of hospitalization. 


It means all this and much, much more. In short, your gift ensures that every child who needs Rady Children’s receives the best possible care – no matter what.